Mercoledì, 24 Ottobre 2018

Pope wants Web missionaries, love-based globalisation


Vatican City, November 17 - Pope Benedict XVI on
Friday called on young Catholics to become Internet missionaries
and said globalisation must be based on love, not money.
"So many young people no longer see any meaning in their
lives. Go forth! Christ needs you too," Benedict said in a
message inviting people to take part in World Youth Day in Rio
de Janeiro, Brazil, in July 2013.
"Let yourselves be caught up and drawn along by his love.
Be at the service of this immense love, so it can reach out to
everyone, especially to those "far away"...
"I would like to emphasize two areas where your missionary
commitment is all the more necessary.
"Dear young people, the first is the field of social
communications, particularly the world of the Internet.
"The second area is that of travel and migration... Here
too we can find providential opportunities for sharing the
The German pontiff also expressed concern about the role of
consumerism in globalisation.
"We are passing through a very particular period of
history. Technical advances have given us unprecedented
possibilities for interaction between people and nations,"
Benedict said.
"But the globalization of these relationships will be
positive and help the world to grow in humanity only if it is
founded on love rather than on materialism.
"Love is the only thing that can fill hearts and bring
people together. God is love. When we forget God, we lose hope
and become unable to love others".
The pope also told Christian minorities facing persecution
to remain firm in their faith, adding that they would be
rewarded in heaven.
"At times you will be called to give proof of your
perseverance, particularly when the word of God is met with
rejection or opposition," he said in the message.
"In certain areas of the world, some of you suffer from the
fact that you cannot bear public witness to your faith in Christ
due to the lack of religious freedom.
"Some have already paid with their lives the price of
belonging to the Church.
"I ask you to remain firm in the faith, confident that
Christ is at your side in every trial.
"To you too he says: "Blessed are you when people revile
you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you on
my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in
Christian minorities have come under attack in various
parts of the world in recent months, including a series of
bombings in Nigeria, Kenya and Pakistan.

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