Martedì, 18 Settembre 2018

Some 50,000 migrants landed at Lampedusa port last year


Racalmuto (Agrigento), November 19 - As many as
50,000 immigrants landed in the Sicilian port of Lampedusa last
year, illustrating a phenomena that the Italian population and
media should better understand, social agencies said on Monday.
"In 2011, in Lampedusa, 50,000 people landed," Francesca
Ferrandino, the prefect of Agrigento, told a seminar on the
issue of immigration and the media.
"This much larger and more complex...(and)
much more complicated than it appears," said Ferrandino.
As important as tallying the numbers, is remembering that
the story involves individuals and families, said Valentina
Loiero, president of the Charter of Rome, an organization
dedicated to improving the way the media sees and speaks of
She said journalists should refrain from using the term
"illegal" when speaking of such immigrants.
"These are people who need to be helped and protected," she
Refugees risk their lives coming to Italy, added Laura
Boldrini, spokesperson for the Italy office of the UN High
Commissioner for Refugees.

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