Venerdì, 21 Settembre 2018

Monti cannot run in political elections says Napolitano


Paris, November 22 - Italian President Giorgio
Napolitano on Thursday said Premier Mario Monti could not stand
for parliamentary election for purely technical reasons but that
he would be open to receiving whoever wanted to ask for his
contribution after upcoming polls.
''A life Senator cannot run for parliamentary election
because he is already a member of parliament,'' said the head of
Napolitano appointed Monti as a life Senator in November
2011, shortly before inviting him to form an emergency
government of technocrats to replace Silvio Berlusconi amid the
country's worsening euro crisis.
''He can't be a candidate of any party,'' he continued,
replying indirectly to all those who have called for or opposed
the technocrat leader's possible candidacy for a second term in
''This is no small detail that is sometimes overlooked''.
However Napolitano added that, as a life Senator, Monti has
an office ''where he will be able to receive whoever wants to
ask his opinion or request his contribution or commitment''
after the elections.
The Monti government is due to end its mandate with the end
of the current parliament next spring.
The premier has said repeatedly that he is not interested
in serving another term, but he has long been under pressure to
make some kind of contribution to guarantee continuity with the
present government amid growing nervousness about the country's
political future.

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