Martedì, 23 Ottobre 2018

Prosecutors reject move to end ILVA steelworks impoundment


Taranto, November 22 - Taranto prosecutors on
Thursday expressed their official disapproval of a proposal by
managers at the troubled ILVA steelworks to reopen the plant.
A judge is set to rule on the matter as soon as this week.
On Wednesday the company said that unless authorities
release the plant from a court-ordered partial closure,
the site will close.
"The obviously unsustainable economical-financial mode of
operations will inevitably lead to the definitive closure of
productive activities and to the closure of the plant," ILVA
officials said in a statement.
The plant has been closed since July following a Taranto
court's order to impound the smelting areas in order to
safeguard people and the environment.
Local authorities ordered the closure while legal
proceedings continue against the company and its managers for
generating toxic emissions that caused disease and killed
several over a number of years.
On November 20 lawyers for the company filed a plea with
Taranto prosecutors asking the court to lift the partial
shutdown orders.
ILVA's request follows the Italian environment minister's
approval of the company's new remediation plan, a detailed set
of conditions and measures under which ILVA would be permitted
to operate, called the AIA.
ILVA's lawyers argue the company needs control of the
impounded areas in order to execute the approved AIA remediation
Their request says it is impossible to perform the
necessary work on the smelting areas without access to them, and
that banks will not finance a company with impounded assets,
sources told ANSA.

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