Mercoledì, 26 Settembre 2018

Marijuana plants seized from farm in Reggio Emilia


Reggio Emilia, November 26 - The pungent odour of
marijuana plants wafting from a local police station in central
Italy may have drawn attention from passers-by.
But the local commander insists the entire situation was
handled "in full legality".
For several days, police in central Italy tenderly cared
for numerous marijuana plants seized from a grow operation, to
ensure the crop would survive for evaluation by prosecutors.
With the help of police dog Duke, a German Shepherd, the
plants were discovered at a farm in the hills between Quattro
Castella, Vezzano, and Albinea in the Reggio Emilia province.
After they were brought to the police station, officers
cared for the plants, watering them carefully each day.
The marijuana grow-op plantation was discovered after
neighbours reported suspicious movement near a grove in the
Duke, who specializes in finding missing persons and drugs,
then sniffed out the cannabis plants.

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