Giovedì, 18 Ottobre 2018

Govt to fight prosecutors to keep ILVA steel plant open


Rome, November 27 - Environment Minister Corrado
Clini said Tuesday that the government was ready to take on
prosecutors in order to keep the troubled ILVA steel plant in
the southern city of Taranto open.
ILVA said Monday's court order for the seizure of steel and
semi-finished products as part of a corruption probe that saw
seven top managers arrested would lead to the "almost immediate"
closure of the plant. The company said operations in other parts
of Italy would be shut down too as a result.
The Taranto plant's furnaces were placed under special
administration in July following accusations emissions from them
caused abnormally high levels of tumours and respiratory
diseases in the Taranto area.
Workers at the plant announced started a strike of at least
24 hours on Tuesday after ILVA said the country's biggest steel
plant faced closure.
White-collar staff at the huge site were persuaded to stop
their occupation of some offices on Tuesday, although sit-ins
continued at several gates.
Employees at ILVA's Genoa plant, meanwhile, blocked the
exit ramp from a motorway to protest against the hypothesis that
their factory could close.
ILVA and the government have been trying to keep the plant
in operation while remediation measures necessary for ILVA to
obtain environmental authorization (AIA) are carried out.
Clini said the government would meet unions and company
representatives on Thursday, adding that the aim was to find an
agreement for a decree to keep the plant open.
"Thursday's meeting won't just be talks. We are banking on
coming out of it with measures, we are working on a decree for
the application of the AIA," Clini said.
"We are working with (Premier Mario) Monti and other
ministers for a solution.
"It's clear that the aim of the Taranto prosecutors' office
is to block the application of the AIA and get the plant closed
"They are trying to create the conditions in which the AIA
is not applicable. This is not legal.
"Obstacles are being created to the law being respected".

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