Venerdì, 19 Ottobre 2018

Italy approvals bill recognizing "natural" children


Rome, November 27 - Italy is giving the same rights
to children born outside of wedlock to those born to married
Tuesday, Italy's Chamber of Deputies voted 366 in favour to
31 against the bill that revolutionizes Italy's family law.
"The final approval by the Chamber of the bill that equates
natural children and legitimate children is a great test of
civilization by our country, and clears an odious and
anachronistic (form of) discrimination," said Mara Carfagna of
the People of Liberty (PdL) party.
"This is an important goal, since as of today there will be
no more children of series A and series B," added Carfagna, a
former minister for equal opportunities in the government of
ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi.
Italy's civil code currently makes a distinction between
so-called "legitimate" children, born of married parents, and
"natural" children whose parents are not married.
The new law will remove this distinction, for example
extending to all children the recognition of kinship with all
family members and not just with the parents, which is currently
the prerogative only of so-called "legitimate" children.
This would mean that in the event of the parents' death, a
child born out of wedlock could be entrusted to the grandparents
rather than put up for adoption, as often happens now.
The bill also has important implications for inheritances.

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