Venerdì, 19 Ottobre 2018

Work based on lost Leonardo masterpiece back in Italy


Rome, November 27 - A work widely attributed to
Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci is returning to Italy after
it was sold abroad on the black market in 1940.
The work, a panel known as the Tavola Doria, depicts a
scene from the Battle of Anghiari, a lost masterpiece painted by
Leonardo inside the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.
The panel, which shows mounted soldiers entangled in
battle, will be displayed inside the presidential palace
Wednesday through January 13 thanks to a deal with the Museum of
Tokyo, which bought the work legally in 1992.
The deal includes sharing the piece with Tokyo over the
next 26 years, rotating it after every two years in Italy and
four in Japan.
While in Italy, the piece is likely to be housed at the
Uffizi in Florence, where the polymath artist, scientist and
inventor played an unparalleled role in the Italian Renaissance.
Art historians in Florence are currently looking for the
Battle of Anghiari, which they believe was hidden behind a wall
by painter and art historian Giorgio Vasari when he was
commissioned to do another fresco in Florence's municipal

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