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Rome, November 28 - Rome, November 27 - Some of the
bodies are realistic, others contorted, others still stylized
and abstract.
In Plural Hellenic, contemporary Greek figurative art takes
the human form as its guide, representing it in a manner both
brutal and poetic.
Opening Wednesday through January 11 at the Vittoriano
Museum in Rome, the exhibit of 88 works by 25 artists, dating
from the 80s to the present, is on loan from Greek lawyer,
patron and collector Sotiris Felios, who is also the show's sole
A not-inconsiderable choice at a time of crisis that is
'not only economic but also human,' as Greek ambassador to
Italy, Michalis Cambanis, defined it at the exhibit's press
launch on Tuesday.
'Culture and tourism are the arrows in Greece's quiver' in
the fight against the economic recession, the ambassador said.
Organized under the patronage of Italian President Giorgio
Napolitano, whose cultural heritage conservation adviser, Louis
Godart, attended the press launch, Plural Hellenic shifts the
Italian public eye from the daily narrative of the Greek crisis
to the realm of artistic creativity, which has remained vital in
spite of everything.
Curated by Giuliano Serafini, the show is divided into
sections, such as Between Memory and Reality (with artists from
Kostas Argyris to Kalliopi Assagiortaki), Perverting
Representation (work by Michalis Manoussakis, Tassos Missouras,
Nikos Siskos and more), Nature Found?, and The Savage Work,
among others.
Visitors roam through a series faces, bold colors, glances
that are sometimes tender, sometimes fierce, in settings that
are urban, others that are domestic: in Felios' collection,
contemporary Greek artists are highly concentrated on the human
being in all its emotional and existential nuances.
A humanity that needs forever, somehow, to be narrated,
even amid the chronicles of the Greek crisis, which is almost
always the stuff of figures, statistics, economic analyses.
'The one of the ways in which I choose to
spend my free time,' said a greatly satisfied Felios, who also
presides over the Other Arcadia Foundation and is a lover of
Rome, which he has been visiting for the past 40 years.
'It is a vision of my creativity through emotions that
painting alone can give me'.

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