Lunedì, 22 Ottobre 2018

Police in Turin applying high-tech in war on drugs


Turin, November 28 - Police in the northern Italian
city of Turin are taking a new, high-technology approach to
fighting drug crime: drones.
Police say they made three arrests on Tuesday with the help
of a drone - a miniature helicopter equipped with a
remote-controlled camera.
The devices will be used for a month as an experiment in
the neighbourhood of San Salvario in Turin, to see how effective
it is at tracking drug deals.
The drones are normally used to film sporting events or in
surveillance on private property.
Police say the drone is easy to use and follows a GPS so it
can be programmed to follow a specified path.
The idea of using unmanned drones by police has been
controversial in the United States, generating opposition from
civil libertarians and others who say the use of stealth,
airborne cameras raises concerns about privacy rights and the
limits to police search powers.
Drones also raise eyebrows because of their association
with unmanned crafts used for missile strikes in war zones.

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