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Tension in Italy's centre right, primary set to be scrapped


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Rome, November 29 - Tension and confusion are
rampant in Silvio Berlusconi's centre-right Freedom of People
(PdL) party, which looks set to cancel plans to hold a primary
next month to select its premier candidate for next spring's
national elections.
The plan to hold the primaries on December 16 has
reportedly been scuppered by Berlusconi, who was forced to
resign as premier a year ago when Italy's debt crisis was
threatening to spiral out of control.
The media magnate recently said he is reconsidering his
decision not to stand for a fourth term as premier next year and
reportedly wants to revamp the PdL with a major overhaul of the
party's top brass.
This has led to great confusion about who will lead the
party, which has dropped to third in the opinion polls, at
elections that are likely to take place in March.
"Yes the party is orientated towards dropping the primary,"
said Mariastella Gelmini, a senior PdL member and the education
minister in Berlusconi's 2008-2011 government.
"There isn't much time. We'll try to renew the party in
other ways, such as with a policy convention, a national
assembly and meetings at the local level".
Berlusconi has reportedly dropped plans to abandon the PdL
and recreate his old party, Forza Italia.
But the party may split anyway because many former members
of the right-wing National Alliance (AN) party, which merged
with Forza Italia in 2009, are unhappy about the direction
Berlusconi wants to take the party in.
"I'm not disappointed, I'm angry," said Alessandro
Cattaneo, the PdL mayor of the northern city of Pavia.
"These primaries must take place because they are healthy.
The (centre-left) Democratic Party is at (around) 30% in the
opinion polls with the help of its primaries".
A series of corruption scandals affecting top centre-right
politicians in Rome and Milan have hit the popularity of the
PdL, which is the biggest party in parliament at the moment.
But the party has also been suffering from a vacuum of
leadership since Berlusconi stepped back from the front line.
Rome Mayor Gianni Alemanno, another senior PdL figure and a
former AN member, recently said that it would not be a good idea
for Berlusconi to stand again as "a new leader is needed, not a
return to 20 years ago".
He also warned that "if the primaries are cancelled, it
will be difficult to keep the party together".

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