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Alarm as Italian unemployment hits record high


Rome, November 30 - There was widespread alarm in
Italy on Friday when Istat said unemployment in the
recession-hit country had reached a record high approaching
three million.
The number of people out of work in Italy reached 2.87
million in October, the national statistics agency said, adding
that this was the highest level since monthly records began in
January 2004 and since quarterly records started in the fourth
quarter of 1992.
The unemployment rate rose 0.3% to 11.1% of the working
population in October compared to September and 2.3% over
October 2011, Istat said.
Again, this was the highest monthly rate, in percentage
terms, since January 2004.
Italy's biggest trade-union confederation, the left-wing
CGIL, said it feared unemployment will get even worse next year
because of the recession, which Italy is not forecast to emerge
from until the second half of 2013.
"On the job front 2013 will be even worse than 2012, which
has already been the toughest year of the economic crisis," said
CGIL Secretary-General Susanna Camusso.
Camusso also called on unemployment benefits to be boosted
given the expected rise in unemployment levels.
Istat said the worrying rise was caused by there being some
95,000 more Italians out of work in October than in September, a
3.3% rise on absolute terms.
Compared to October 2011, there were 644,000 more jobless,
a rise of 28.9% in absolute terms, the statistics agency said.
The level of youth unemployment is particularly disturbing.
The jobless rate among 15-to-24-year-olds in October was
36.5%, the highest since monthly records began in January 2004
and quarterly records started in the fourth quarter of 1992, the
statistics agency said.
Some 639,000 15-to-24-year-olds are looking for jobs, Istat
"I'm very, very worried," House Speaker Gianfranco Fini
told a meeting of students in the parliament building.
"These figures are an alarm bell that should ring in these
"The world of politics has to do what's necessary to combat
this and guarantee a future for our young people, but while the
institutions have to do their bit, so do you.
"There is no mamma state with institutions that hold your
hand. You have to show you know how to do things".
Premier Mario Monti's emergency government has introduced a
number of structural economic reforms aimed at boosting growth
and employment levels in the medium and long-term.
But its austerity policies have deepened the recession
Italy slipped into last year and contributed to rising
Monti said earlier this month that his government is now
focusing increasingly on helping young people.
"The government's activity in this time of serious
difficulty, which has not yet been overcome but is being
overcome, is directed towards young people," Monti said at the
inauguration of the academic year at Milan's Bocconi University,
where he used to teach.
Istat also released figures on Friday which suggest that
increasing numbers of the people who are lucky enough to have
jobs are working on a part-time or temporary basis.
Istat said the number of short-term and casual workers
reached a new high of 2.877 million in October, the highest
since records began in the third quarter of 2004.
It said the number of part-time workers reached 3.847
million in October, the highest since the third quarter of 1993.
More than half, 58%, are working part-time because they
could not find long-term jobs, the statistics agency said.

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