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Bersani vows to win Italian elections without 'fairy tales'


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Rome, December 3 - Democratic Party (PD) leader
Pier Luigi Bersani said he will lead Italy's centre left to
victory at next spring's national elections without deceiving
voters about the tough choices ahead.
"We have to raise the bar and win the elections without
telling fairy tales," said Bersani, who beat Florence Mayor and
fellow PD member Matteo Renzi in Sunday's centre-left primary
runoff to select the premier candidate.
"Now the real battle starts," added the 61-year-old former
minister at a rally of supporters.
"I ask you once again to give all the commitment and
conviction you have for this journey we take together.
"Here we don't have just one man, it's necessary to govern
with the people.
"Let's use strength, energy and a little good cheer, which
is a characteristic of our people. And let's have a little
serenity too.
"There's no need to get anxious or be afraid. We should be
relaxed, strong and determined".
The party chief prevailed with over 60% of the votes cast
on Sunday after also coming top in the first round of the
primary, in which three other candidates ran in addition to him
and Renzi.
Bersani, a veteran of Italy's former Communist party,
praised Renzi, a 37-year-old who presented himself as a
He said Renzi was a "precious resource" for attracting new
voters to the PD.
"I recognise that Renzi gave a strong presence and
freshness to the primaries," Bersani added.
"His contribution helped to give sense to them and make
them an authentic experience".

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