Mercoledì, 24 Ottobre 2018

Napolitano sees risks of 'confusing' end to legislative term


Rome, December 6 - Italian President Giorgio
Napolitano on Thursday warned the nation against the risks of a
''confused'' end to the current legislature as ex-premier Silvio
Berlusconi appeared poised to pull the plug on his successor
Mario Monti's government after fulminating against its austerity
Speaking in Rome, the president said: ''We know that the
imminent conclusion of the legislature, and therefore the
approach of parliamentary elections, is creating increasing
tensions among the political forces, since more than one year
committed to supporting'' the current technocratic government.
Referring to elections which are to be held no later than
next spring, but which could come much sooner after Berlusconi's
People of Freedom (PdL) party abstained in parliament Thursday,
Napolitano said that he asked Italy's political forces to carry
out an ''objective and serene'' evaluation of the ''necessary
and opportune time'' required to organize elections.
Berlusconi earlier Thursday said Italy stood on the brink
of an economic "abyss" because of Monti's debt-cutting measures
which have pushed Italy further into recession.
The head of state added that the electoral tensions are not
seen - even by Italy's foreign partners - as something which can
undermine Italy's institutions.
''The capacity of our institutions to hold their own is out
of question. I have the duty of reaffirming this publicly and I
feel secure that I can,'' Napolitano said.

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