Martedì, 23 Ottobre 2018

PD says govt has lost majority, Monti must consult president


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Rome, December 6 - The centre-left Democratic Party
(PD) said Thursday that Premier Mario Monti must consult with
Italian President Giorgio Napolitano as his emergency technocrat
government has effectively lost its majority in parliament.
The call came after ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi's People
of Freedom (PdL) party announced it was deserting a confidence
vote in the Senate on a government economic-development bill.
"If the government no longer has a majority, I think Monti
should go to (see Napolitano at) the Quirinal Palace," said Anna
Finocchiaro, the PD's Senate whip.
The government won the confidence vote as it was backed by
the other parties supporting Monti's government, including the
PD and the centrist UDC, and the PdL, the biggest group in
parliament, did jot actively vote against it.
If Monti's government had lost the vote it would have been
forced to step down.
"There is a political problem of enormous importance,"
Finocchiaro said shortly before the confidence vote took place.
"Today the government will have numbers (of supporters in
parliament) that do not respect the Senate majority".

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