Lunedì, 22 Ottobre 2018

Budget to be approved before Christmas


Rome, December 11 - Italy's 2013 budget, now being
studied by a Senate committee, should be approved by the Senate
within a week, politicians said Tuesday, keeping it on track for
final approval before Christmas.
But a bill enshrining balanced budgets in the Constitution
will have longer to wait, they added.
The budget should be approved by the Senate before Tuesday,
December 18, slightly ahead of schedule, political party
representatives said after a meeting in the Senate.
The Senate Budget committee has been studying the bill.
However, there will not be enough time to approve the
balanced budget draft - known as Article 81- before the end of
the legislative term, said Anna Finocchiaro of the Democratic
Party (PD) and Giampiero D'Alia of the centerist UDC.
D'Alia blamed an early end to the legislative session for
killing several bills.
"The early closure of the legislature leaves on the ground
several laws," said D'Alia.
The balanced budget law was to take effect in 2014 and
included wording that required the government to consider the
effects of the economic cycle and specific exceptional events,
such as severe recessions and natural disasters.

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