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Italy environment minister warns of Concordia salvage delays


Rome, December 13 - Italy's environment minister on
Thursday said that delays in removing the beached Costa
Concordia cruise liner from Isola del Giglio risked leading to
further environmental damage.
In a letter addressed to Costa Co-Chief Executives
Pierluigi Foschi and Michael Thamm, as well as to the head of
Italy's civil protection agency, Franco Gabrielli, and to the
president of the Tuscany Region, Enrico Rossi, Minister Corrado
Clini said it was ''urgent'' that a working program be developed
for the last phase of the stranded ship's removal and the
recovery of the hull in ''an ideal location''.
''As I have previously indicated to Franco Gabrielli, the
delays with respect to the scheduled [salvage operation] are and
continue to be causes of great worry,'' Clini wrote.
On Thursday Clini added that the main concerns regard the
conditions of the ship's hull and the existence of the necessary
safety conditions to ''guarantee that the recovery can go ahead
in safe conditions which don't create further risks and
The Costa Concordia went aground January 13, leaving a
total of 32 dead and several injured, after the ship's captain,
Francesco Schettino, passed too close to the Isola del Giglio,
off the coast of Tuscany.
Schettino is facing a possible indictment for multiple
manslaughter. Cosat is owned by U.S. cruise giant Carnival
In April, Titan Salvage, an American-owned marine salvage
company, along with Italian firm Micoperi were awarded the
contract to remove the Concordia wreck from the island.
The removal of the cruise liner will be the biggest
operation of its kind ever attempted and is expected to cost at
least $400 million.
While the ship's removal from the island was initially
expected to begin sometime in January 2013, an official of the
salvage company has said it may not be until June at the
earliest before towing can commence.

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