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Berlusconi's decision to run teetering on Monti


Rome, December 14 - Former Italian Premier Silvio
Berlusconi reiterated on Friday that his decision to stand in
the country's upcoming elections depended on whether Premier
Mario Monti chose to run or not.
Speaking on one of his three TV channels, Berlusconi said
that he would remain open to running until "Monti's decision is
The former premier said that his possible return to the
political playing field had already created a positive effect by
driving his Pdl party's ratings up 3 points since last week.
"In other words there is a 'B' effect thanks to the return
of Silvio Berlusconi on the political scene," he said.
Berlusconi has repeatedly changed his position to stand for
a fourth term as Italian premier or not.
On Wednesday, the media magnate said he would not stand if
Monti agreed to lead a broad coalition that would include his
centre-right People of Freedom (PdL) party, the centrist UDC and
the populist, regionalist Northern League.
In Friday's interview Berlusconi said that a coalition of
moderates together with Monti could win the elections.
"I would like decisions to be taken in the interest of the
country. Instead some small groups have tended more to the
interests of their minor leaders, that is why moderates have
failed to bond. A great union of moderate forces is the only way
to win elections," Berlusconi said.
Berlusconi was highly critical of the record of Monti's
government when his People of Freedom party withdrew its support
from it last week and he announced that he would run again for
Berlusconi blasted Monti's austerity policies as "too
But he has since vowed to continue the 'Monti agenda' of
structural reforms and fiscal discipline.

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