Sabato, 20 Ottobre 2018

As Christmas approaches, more shoppers consider re-gifting


Rome, December 17 - As Christmas nears and the
economic crisis bites deeper and deeper into consumers' pockets,
shoppers are increasingly opening to the idea of ''recycling''
According to research by retail association Coldiretti, one
in three Italians this Christmas is considering re-gifting items
received on other occasions.
The number of Italians happy to ''recycle'' gifts is up 3%
this year, Coldiretti says, even as a ''hard core'' 51% of
consumers say they have never given in to the temptation and
remain firmly opposed to the idea, no matter what the
As always, generational divides emerge: according to the
research, younger shoppers see little wrong with the idea of
re-gifting and in some 82% of cases where a gift is
''recycled'', it usually goes to a relative or close friend.
According to Coldiretti, some 18% of ''recycled'' gifts are
destined to charity while a similar percentage of Italians uses
the Internet as a channel for placing unwanted Christmas
Overall, Coldiretti found that some 53% of Italians would
like to receive something useful under the Christmas tree this
Meanwhile, some 23% of Italians would like to receive a
gift that they would never consider buying themselves, although
they find it useful, while 14% of shoppers aim to buy something
totally whimsical.
Only some 11% of Christmas shoppers say they remain

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