Venerdì, 19 Ottobre 2018

Palermo magistrate to launch centrist political party


Rome, December 17 - A magistrate from Palermo could
be the candidate for prime minister for a coalition of centrist
parties to be announced December 21.
Antonio Ingroia, who on Monday asked the governing body of
Italy's magistrates to be put on "electoral leave", will explain
his political platform at a conference in Rome Friday.
In a 10-point manifesto published ahead of the Rome
conference, Ingoria said his centrist 'Io ci sto' movement aims
to "re-launch Italy finally freed of mafias and corruption".
Among those supporting Ingoria's bid to lead a civic list
are the current mayors of Naples and Palermo, Luigi de Magistris
and Leoluca Orlando, respectively, as well as the head of the
Italy of Values (IdV) party, former 'Bribesville' magistrate
Anotnio Di Pietro.
"We of Italy of Values have given our availability to
participate," Di Pietro said Monday.

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