Lunedì, 22 Ottobre 2018

Even stars in the sky care about how old they appear


Rome, December 19 - Film stars are not the only
ones concerned with looking younger, scientists led by an
Italian team have discovered.
They've found that even way out in the solar system,
twinkling stars are finding ways to hide their wrinkles.
Research to be published in the latest issue of Nature
magazine suggests that stars cluster in groups in which some
appear younger.
This anti-aging treatment was discovered by European
researchers coordinated by the University of Bologna.
Studying these star clusters is helping scientists pin down
the age of stars and therefore, of the cosmos.
They believe that star clusters include stars born about 13
billion years ago.
However, not all stars in the cluster show the same signs
of aging.
By studying the distribution of particular stars in a
cluster, called blue stragglers, researchers hope to learn why
some age faster.

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