Venerdì, 19 Ottobre 2018

Pope signs Financial Times article on Christmas


Rome, December 20 - Pope Benedict XVI wrote an
article for the Financial Times on the topic of Christmas,
published Thursday, in which he points out that that the holiday
is both ''a time of great joy and an occasion for deep
While it is uncommon for the Holy Father to write articles
for publications or make special television appearances, the
Vatican's press office said it was not the only time the Pope
made exception.
The Pope penned the article following a request by the
Financial Times itself, which asked the Holy Father to write a
comment on the meaning of Christmas following his recently
published book on early years of Jesus' life.
''While it is an unusual request, the Holy Father
accepted,'' the Vatican press office said in a statement.
The press office also recalled the Pope's ''availability'' in
accepting other, unusual invitations in the past, including from
Britain's BBC public television broadcaster, which also asked
him for a comment on Christmas following the Pope's visit to the
In the Financial Times article, titled ''A Time for
Christians to Engage with the World'', the Pope writes: sets out
his view that Christmas is a time for reflection as well as
''The birth of Christ challenges us to reassess our
priorities, our values, our very way of life. While Christmas is
undoubtedly a time of great joy, it is also an occasion for deep
reflection, even an examination of conscience,'' the Pope
''At the end of a year that has meant economic hardship for
many, what can we learn from the humility, the poverty, the
simplicity of the crib scene?''

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