Domenica, 21 Ottobre 2018

State broadcaster RAI to increase annual fee by 1.50 euros


Rome, December 26 - State broadcaster RAI
announced on Wednesday that the annual television licence fee
for 2013 will be increased 1.50 euros compared to 2012,
specifying that the hike was issued by the Italian economic
development ministry.
Italians owning televisions are now required to pay 113.50
euros yearly for the public television subscription, to be paid
by 31 January 2013.
The obligatory annual TV licence fee to help finance RAI is
the country's most unpopular tax, a survey revealed last year.
The study by the Censis research agency showed that 47.3%
of Italians deemed the fee to be the tax they most detested.
RAI obtains about half of its funding from the licence fee,
with the rest coming from advertising and other sources of
revenue, such as sales of the overseas rights to broadcast the
TV shows and films it produces.
The broadcaster is criticised on a wide variety of grounds
by Italians, being blasted as too commercial by many, while
others complain the schedule is not entertaining enough and
there should be more Hollywood blockbusters.
Another frequent gripe is that there is too much political
interference in its output, especially news shows.

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