Lunedì, 22 Ottobre 2018

Priest who said women 'provoked' attacks quits


Genoa, December 27 - An Italian priest who stirred
nationwide outrage by claiming women's provocative dress and
refusal to bow to male demands were to blame for violence
against them on Thursday said he was leaving the priesthood.
Father Piero Corsi of Lerici near Genoa said after speaking
to his archbishop he felt "unworthy" of his holy attire and
apologised to "all women who were offended" by a notice he put
up on Christmas Day reflecting on a recent wave of murders of
Entitled Women and Femicide, How Often Do They Provoke?,
the message said "the nub of the question is that women
increasingly provoke, fall into arrogance, believe they are
self-sufficient and end up exasperating the existing tensions.
"They provoke the worst instincts. And if it comes to
violence or sexual abuse (which, we repeat, are disgraceful),
they should examine their consciences: perhaps we went looking
for this ourselves?"
Italy has recently seen a spate of murders of women by their
partners or exes.

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