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Berlusconi ready to be minister, not PM, to win over League


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Rome, January 3 - Three-time Italian premier Silvio
Berlusconi said Thursday he would be willing to serve as a
minister, rather than prime minister, in a future centre-right
government in order to revive his People of Freedom (PdL)
party's long-standing alliance with the Northern League.
League leader Roberto Maroni recently told Berlusconi that
the alliance would not be resumed if the ex-premier were to run
for office again.
"I could be the economy minister, the foreign minister,
whatever serves my country and those who do not see themselves
represented by the left," Berlusconi told Italian radio.
"The problem of me does not exist".
The PdL and the League's long-standing alliance ended
after Berlusconi's third government collapsed in November 2011,
when Italy's debt crisis forced the 76-year-old media magnate to
resign from office.
The League were staunch opponents of Premier Mario Monti's
emergency technocrat government from the time it took over
The PdL, meanwhile, backed it until last month.
The PdL is behind in the polls and has little chance of
winning next month's elections without the support of the
"The League would take away 5% or 6% (of the vote from the
centre right) making the victory of the moderates more
difficult," said Berlusconi.
"I'm always determined to work for the good of my country".

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