Martedì, 16 Ottobre 2018

Motorcycle gang suspected of beating rivals in Tuscany


Rome, January 3 - Police in Tuscany said 32 members
of the Golden Drakes motorcycle gang were under investigation on
Thursday, a week after police confiscated a huge cache of
weapons from members of another gang in the central Italian
The members, whom police called "violent people", are
linked to an attack in Tuscany on July 13, 2011 outside a
clubhouse of a rival motorcycle gang called the Smoking Wheels,
in which five of its members were beaten with baseball bats and
Police said the suspects, who varied in age from 30 to 60,
made off with the leather jackets and motorcycle keys of several
of the victims.
The crackdown came just over a week after police in Tuscany
uncovered a an arsenal of weapons at the homes of bikers in a
gang called The Mongols.
Weapons seized included machetes, swords, knives, brass
knuckles, crossbows, spiked clubs, airsoft guns, bows and
arrows, baseball bats and rifles, as well as handcuffs and a
bullet-proof vest.

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