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Tuscan island prepares for first anniversary of shipwreck


Grosseto, January 7 - Authorities are preparing to
mark the first anniversary of the cruise ship disaster that
killed 32 people on January 13, 2012.
It's expected that as many as 900 people will gather on the
pier of Giglio Island off the Tuscan coast to commemorate the
deadly events after the Costa Concordia hit a rock that caused
the massive ship to capsize.
Mayor Sergio Ortelli says the focus of the service on
January 13 will be the survivors and families of those who died
in the disaster, as well as emergency workers who rushed to
pluck victims from the water.
Pieces of the rock upon which the Costa Concordia crashed
have also been saved.
But the story of the sinking is far from finished, as
efforts continue to raise the ship and remove it from the waters
around the island.
That removal was initially expected to begin sometime this
month, but an official of the salvage company recently said it
may be June at the earliest before towing can commence.
Italy's environment minister warned last month that delays
in removing the beached cruise liner could lead to further
environmental damage.
Another outstanding element of the story is the legal
proceedings involving Francesco Schettino, the captain at the
helm of the ship.
He is facing possible criminal indictment for multiple
charges of manslaughter.
Schettino is also claiming he was wrongly dismissed by
Italy's Costa Crociere cruise line over the deadly accident.
A wrongful dismissal hearing continues on Wednesday, as
Schettino's lawyer argues the dismissal process used by the
company was not legitimate.

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