Giovedì, 18 Ottobre 2018

Mafia 'may have outsourced' Falcone murder


Rome, January 9 - The Mafia may have brought in
technical experts to plant the road bomb that murdered anti-Mob
prosecutor Giovanni Falcone and his companions, the head of an
anti-Mafia commission said Wednesday.
In a surprising statement, Beppe Pisanu said that the bomb
that killed Falcone required "special technical competence",
which may have been found outside the Mafia, to make sure the
huge blast - from more than 500 kilos of gelignite, TNT and
plastic explosive - all went upwards into the prosecutor's car
and was not dispersed sideways.
Pisanu is chair of the commission that has been probing
alleged negotiations between the Italian State and the Mafia
after the bombings that killed Falcone and fellow anti-Mafia
prosecutor Paolo Borsellino in 1992.
It has been suggested that State officials entered
negotiations with Cosa Nostra in a bid to stop the attacks.
Several of their bodyguards and Falcone's wife were also
killed in the blasts.
Pisanu's suggestion that the Mafia may have outsourced part
of the murders, possibly to a terrorist group calling itself
Falange Army, came as news to many.
"On the scene of the attacks and massacres, we have seen
appear, here and there, figures that remained unknown...where
did they come from?" said Pisanu, suggesting much is still not
known about the murders.
ßßß "I could go on with similar questions. But suffice it to
say that, at the conclusion of our investigation, we have not
yet dispelled many of the shadows," around the Mafia's actions.

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