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Fuksas national archives building opens Jan 21 near Paris


Paris, January 10 - France's New National Archives
building by award-winning husband and wife architects
Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas will be unveiled and opened to
the public on January 21 in Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, on the
outskirts of Paris, the firm made known Thursday.
Three years in the making, the building will house the
country's national archives, which were created during the
French Revolution and which document French political regimes
from the 7th century to the present. They include Merovingian
parchments, acts from 14th-century Templar trials, King Louis
XVI's diary, Napoleon's will, and the various constitutions of
The new 80,000-square-meter Fuksas building has mostly glass
facades and is articulated into a vertical and a horizontal
body, parts of them suspended over water basins connected by
walkways. The latter houses offices, a 300-seat conference hall,
and an exhibition space.
The vertical part of the structure houses the archives in
220 storage areas spread over 10 floors as well as a 160-seat
reading room. Imagined as a monolith dedicated to memory and
research, it is sheathed in aluminum interrupted by glass areas
that let natural light into the entrance and the reading room.
The facades of both bodies follow a lozenge pattern, which
repeats in the aluminum sheathing of the monolith and in the
glass of the horizontal part of the building.
British sculptor Antony Gormley designed a geometric
structure rising from a water basin between the vertical and the
horizontal parts of the building. Snaking and rising in a series
of interlocking dodecahedrons, or volumes having 12 flat faces,
the Gormley sculpture reflects and projects itself between the
water below and the mirroring walls on either side.

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