Venerdì, 19 Ottobre 2018

'Four 'Ndrangheta extorsionists arrested in Lamezia Terme'


Lamezia Terme, January 11 - Three suspected members
of the Calabrian 'Ndrangheta mafia were arrested Friday and a
fourth is being sought by authorities in a probe into alleged
Police arrested Nicola Gualtieri, 68, and Domenico and
Giovanni Torcasio, 45 and 53 respectively.
The men, all from the Cerra-Torcasio-Gualtieri clan,
allegedly extorted more than 100,000 euros over the last 10
years from two local retailers of construction materials, who
complained to authorities.
Anti-mafia prosecutors Giuseppe Borrelli and Elio Romano
issued the arrest warrants.
"We are paying maximum attention to the Lamezia Terme
area," Catanzaro Public Prosecutor Vincenzo Antonio Lombardo
told reporters. "We have created the conditions in order to
resist intimidation and extorsion. So there are businessmen who
decided to resist organized crime".
"We are going on in spite of the downsizing of police and
magistrates in our district," Borrelli said. "We won't stop at
the Torcasio clan. We will go after all criminal groups

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