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Giannini 'a spectator of Melato's artistry


Rome, January 11 - Italian actor Giancarlo
Giannini, 70, reminisced about acclaimed cinema and stage
actress Mariangela Melato, who lost a long battle against cancer
earlier on Friday at the age of 71.
"I spent many a night and many a day with Melato and
(director) Lina Wertmuller. We were a trio," Giannini told ANSA
in an interview. "Mariangela had great humanity, and she was
also very fragile. She was an incredibly skilled actress. Her
timing and her rhythms were perfect. I became a spectator of her
artistry. She was never a diva. She had the right elegance and
the right skill for the theater as well".
Melato received much praise for her role as Giannini's
Milanese mistress in The Seduction of Mimi (1972), directed by
Lina Wertmueller.
This was to be the start of a successful working
relationship with the director, who cast Melato and Giannini as
the leads in her next film, Love and Anarchy (1973), in which
Melato plays an anarchic prostitute.
"She was not only a great actress, she was also a woman who
faced life's problems with a lot of strength," Giannini went on.
"And if you were the one with the problem, she knew how to
inspire you with her own tenacity. As a woman she was full of
energy, incredibly intelligent, beautiful and sexy".
Wertmueller paired the popular duo in a third film, Swept
Away by an Unusual Destiny in the Blue Sea of August (1974).
Melato's critically acclaimed comedic performance as a
spoiled, unsympathetic aristocrat is one of her most
internationally known roles.
Why did this film become such a cult?
"Because it tells the story of a beautiful experience,"
Giannini said, "of two people who start out hating each other,
and who find themselves thrown into contact with nature and the
infinite, with the immediacy of life. They find themselves as
just a man and just a woman, owning a world that is entirely
their own".

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