Giovedì, 18 Ottobre 2018

Passengers 'blamed' for Concordia damages, their lawyers say


Isola del Giglio (Grosseto), January 11 - Costa
Cruises parent company Carnival is said to have blamed
passengers, at least in part, for the damages they sustained in
the Costa Concordia shipwreck a year ago in documents pertaining
to a law suit in the United States, according to the passengers'
The disaster off Tuscany's Giglio Island on January 13,
2011 claimed the lives of 32 people
The John Arthur Eaves law firm, which is representing the
passengers, said the Miami-based Carnival Corp wrote in court
documents that "passengers' negligent or careless behavior were
among the causes, if not the only cause, of the alleged injuries
and damages".
Passengers, relatives and crew members of the Costa
Concordia have filed a class-action suit against Carnival in
California, where hearings begin on July 23.
"Carnival denies it has any duty to protect passengers from
damages while they are on board. We will ask the court to
interview all safety and training personnel, and everyone who
was in charge of emergency equipment and evacuation," said John
Arthur Eaves Jr.
"We will also ask for testimony from everyone responsible
for what happened at Giglio, and who allowed the captain to
deviate from his route".
The ship, with 4,252 people from all over the world on
board, was on the first leg of a cruise around the Mediterranean
when it hit a reef during an unofficial near-shore salute to the
local islanders.
Captain Francesco Schettino deviated from the ship's
computer-programmed route to perform this manoeuvre.

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