Martedì, 18 Settembre 2018

Ex-Red Brigades terrorist, Moro kidnapper dies at 62


Reggio Emilia, January 14 - An ex-Red Brigades (BR)
member and captor of former Italian premier Aldo Moro was found
dead in the garage of his home in the northern Italian city of
Reggio Emilia on Monday.
Authorities believe Prospero Gallinari, age 62, was struck
down by a sudden ailment.
Gallinari was one of the Red Brigades members known to have
guarded Moro during his 55-day abduction before he was murdered,
along with Anna Laura Braghetti, Mario Moretti and a "fourth
man", believed to be Germano Maccari.
A leading member of once dominant but now defunct Christian
Democrat (DC) party, Moro was captured on March 16, 1978, when
the BR blocked his two-car convoy on its way to a House session
to take part in a historic confidence vote for a new government
led by another DC man, Giulio Andreotti.
The DC-led government would receive for the first time
support of the Communist Party - the negotiations for which
constituted the first step in Moro's strategic political vision
known as the Historic Compromise.
The terrorists shot and killed his five bodyguards on the
The kidnappers proposed to exchange Moro's life for the
release of several imprisoned terrorists, but the Italian
government refused to negotiate.
After two months of hiding Moro - and allowing him to
communicate with the outside through letters - the BR put Moro
in a car, had him cover himself with a blanket, and shot 10
rounds into his body.
For a long time, Gallinari was thought to have been the one
who assassinated Moro.
The group's leader, Moretti, many years later confessed to
shooting Moro himself in an interview.
Another Ex-BR terrorist who also participated in the
kidnapping, Adriana Faranda, recalled that when Moro said
good-bye to Gallinari, the "tough guy" - nicknamed Gallo or
"rooster" in Italian - cried.
Gallinari was born January 1, 1951 to a family of farm
workers in Reggio Emilia.
He joined a Communist youth group at an early age and became
a member of aspiring BR radicals in the so-called "Apartment
Group" that met in his hometown.
Around 1972, he went into hiding to became a hardcore
member of the BR terrorist group.

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