Sabato, 22 Settembre 2018

Nearly 30% Italian adolescents report running away from home


Rome, January 16 - In 2012, almost 30% of Italian
adolescents surveyed reported having run away from home at some
point in their lives, say results of a study released on
Wednesday by the children's rights organization Telefono Azzurro
and the research company Eurispes.
The number tripled compared to 2011, when 9.6% of teenagers
surveyed reported having tried to set out on their own.
In 26.7% of the 2012 cases, teenagers said they didn't get
along with their parents. Another 9.1% said they felt too
restricted, whereas 4.5% said they they felt misunderstood.
In 23.9% of the runaway cases, absence from home lasted
more than one day. In 47.3% of the cases, it ended within hours.
The vast majority of runaways, or 67.2%, decided to return
home on their own.
Family members intervened in 18.6% of the cases, while
police had a hand in 4.5%.
Partners or friends played a major role for 2.8% and 3.2%,
Alcohol is a well-established intoxicant among Italian
adolescents, with 64% admitting to having tried it. For 10.6%,
booze was a habit, and 2.5% reported drinking daily.
The majority of adolescents, or 65.7%, said they downed
their first alcoholic drink in middle-school, but 21.1% were
younger than 11-years-old when they began.
Sixty percent of teenagers 16-18 prefer cocktails and
aperitifs, whereas 42.4% of a younger set take to beer.

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