Sabato, 20 Ottobre 2018

Four arrested in series of thefts at Italian tobacco shop


Bologna, January 21 - Four people were arrested
Monday in connection with a string of 14 thefts and one armed
robbery at a tobacco shop in Funo di Argelato near Bologna.
The thefts, which occurred between September and November
of 2012, included about 60,000 euros' worth of lottery scratch
cards as well as telephone recharging cards, and involved three
The fourth accused was involved in an armed robbery at the
shop last week when the store manager was threatened with a
knife and forced to hand over about 11,000 euros.
Police were helped in solving the thefts by the owner, who
watched video surveillance tapes and realized that lottery
tickets were being stolen while the store clerk was distracted.
It is believed the thieves took advantage of the fact that
they were known to the store staff as customers and therefore
drew less attention.

(photo: archive picture of Italian tobacco shop)

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