Martedì, 16 Ottobre 2018

Police make arrests, seize assets in 'Ndrangheta operation


Rome, January 24 - Italian anti-mafia police, tax
police and military police units on Thursday carried out an
extensive operation against the Calabria-based 'Ndrangheta crime
syndicate, with two arrests and asset seizures worth up to 30
million euros in the Calabria, Lombardy and Lazio regions.
Police arrested Giuseppe and Barbara Croce', two well-known
entrepreneurs from Reggio Calabria, the Calabria region's
capital, for links to the 'Ndrangheta.
The operation, which led to the arrest of the father and
daughter business associates, is part of a broader operation
launched last summer and which also led to the arrest of
Dominique Suraci, a center-right councilor for the city who
investigators suspect of being the reference point for the
Tegano clan in their retail business activities.
According to investigators, Giuseppe and Barbara Croce'
worked with suppliers for their food retail business who they
knew were affiliates of the Tegano clan.
The contacts were supplied by Suraci.
Police said that the Tegano clan - through its links with
the Croce' businesses - created a de facto "cartel" in retail.
"Honest" businesses, including food stores, bars and
restaurants, were forced to order supplies from suppliers linked
to the Tegano clan, thus helping the mafia launder money and
prevent other legal competitors from undertaking business
By working under the protection of the clan, police said
the entrepreneurs accumulated large market shares and extensive
The Tegano's control over these businesses "once again
shows how strong the 'Ndrangheta is and how it is able to
infiltrate legitimate economic activities essential to the
city's economy," police said in a statement.
Such activity is an aggression against the legal economy,
investigators said, "thanks to the role of subjects which aren't
themselves mobsters but which work with the mafia, creating a
so-called grey zone, and who lend their professional and
entrepreneurial skills to the affirmation and realization of
criminal interests".
As part of the investigation, police seized assets,
including retail businesses and shares in retail-sector
companies, some accountable to Suraci.
Some of the businesses seized have operations in regions
outside Calabria, including Lazio and Lombardy.

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