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Arts guide: exhibits in Italy


Rome, January 25 - The following is a city-by-city
guide to some of Italy's art exhibitions:
ALBA - Fondazione Ferrero: Carlo Carra', 76 works; until
January 27.
FLORENCE - Uffizi: The Medici and Alchemy in the 16th and
17th centuries; until February 3.
- Palazzo Strozzi: Francis Bacon, including three
unfinished works never seen in Italy; until January 27.
FRASCATI - Scuderie Aldobrandini: Caravaggio Visions;
influence of Baroque master on modern and contemporary art;
until April 7.
MILAN - Palazzo Reale: Edict of Constantine; 200 works
commemorating 313 AD proclamation of religious freedom in Roman
Empire; until March 17.
- Triennale: Dracula and the Vampire Myth; until March
- Museo Poldi Pezzoli: Giovani Bellini, From Icon To
History; until February 25.
PADUA - Palazzo Zabarella: Giuseppe De Nittis, 120
masterpieces from the most prestigious Italian and French
museums; until May 26.
PISA - Palazzo Blu: Wassily Kandinsky, From Russia to
Europe; until February 3.
ROME - Academy of Egypt: Abu Simbel, photo show on how the
two massive rock temples in southern Egypt were saved; until
January 31.
- Museo di Roma Palazzo Braschi: Canova, The Sign of
Glory; 79 sketches, until April 7.
- MAXXI: Alighiero Boetti, 30 works; until October 6.
same venue: Le Corbusier's Italy; until February 17.
- Colosseum, Curia Julia, Temple of Divine Romulus: Rome
Caput Mundi, Dominion and Integration; until March 10.
- Vittoriano: Renato Guttuso 1912-2012; until February 3.
- Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna (GNAM): Paul Klee and
Italy; until January 27.
- Musei Capitolini: The Age of Equilibrium; an array of
ancient Roman statuary and decor highlighting the balance
achieved between Rome and its provinces between the reigns of
Trajan and Marcus Aurelius; third installment of the five-year
'Giorni di Roma' cycle ranging from the Republican Era to Late
- Palazzo delle Esposizioni: Robert Doisneau, 240
photographs of Paris 1934-1991 by 'The Kiss' photographer; until
February 13.
- same venue: On the Silk Road, Ancient Pathways Between
East and West; organized by American Museum of Natural History;
until March 24.
UDINE - Villa Manin at Passariano di Codroipo: Tiepolo, 142
works; until April 7.
VENICE - Punto della Dogana, Francois Pinault Foundation:
'Praise of Doubt', 60 works by 20 contemporary giants including
Maurizio Cattelan, Jeff Koons, Jeff Bauman, Adel Abdessemed,
Marcel Broodthaers, Dan Flavin, Thomas Schutte and Charles Ray;
until December 31.

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