Mercoledì, 17 Ottobre 2018

Crowd surrounds police confiscating flowers from vendor


Rome, January 25 - A crowd of angry onlookers
surrounded Rome city police in the Colli Portuensi neighborhood
on Friday, shouting insults, blocking traffic and pushing the
officers who were confiscating plants and flowers from a
well-known local vendor.
Police say they were surrounded by around 100 people who
tried to protect a well-known travelling flower vendor who is a
regular fixture in the neighborhood.
The man, who has a license to sell flowers and plants as an
ambulant vendor, was fined for being "too stationary" by police
from Rome's 16th municipality.
Municipal councilor Marco Giudici from the far-right La
Destra party said that "the citizens were right. The municipal
police use two measures and two standards. Though there are real
problems (with true unlicensed vendors) they take it out on the
desperate and defenseless to simply take care of their
administrative needs".

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