Martedì, 25 Settembre 2018

Napolitano denounces anti-Semitic revisionism in Italy


Rome, January 29 - Italian President Giorgio
Napolitano said on Tuesday that the State will give a "tough
response" to Neo-Nazism, adding that "racist, anti-Jewish
ideological junk" was circulating in Italy.
He added that the authorities must keep their guard high
because "in Italy aberrant propaganda in many cities translates
into violent acts and subversive protests by organised groups".
He also said, however, that in Italy there was "awareness
of the aberration introduced by Fascism with anti-Semitism and
the shame of the 1938 racial laws".
The head of State was speaking at a ceremony at the
presidential palace in Rome for Holocaust Remembrance Day, which
took place on Sunday.
Ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi caused controversy at another
Holocaust Memorial event on Sunday, when he said the anti-Jewish
racial laws of 1938 were the "worst fault" of Benito Mussolini,
while adding that the Fascist dictator "did well" in many other
According to organizers of the event, which was sponsored
by the Milan Holocaust Memorial Foundation, Berlusconi had shown
up uninvited.
He then dozed off during the ceremony.
In his sprawling speech Tuesday, Napolitano warned against
"persistent instances of revisionism and denial," stressing
Italy's close support of Israel and linking anti-Semitism to
Islamic fundamentalism.
According to the Milan-based Observatory for Antisemitic
Prejudice, anti-Semitic episodes such as graffiti and online
attacks were up 40% in 2012.
On Monday a black swastika was found on a Partisan memorial
plaque in Turin which police believe was painted on
Sunday, Holocaust Remembrance Day.
Last week a group of 10 right-wing extremists were
arrested in Naples and other cities for allegedly organizing
street brawls, attacking a leftist clubhouse with Molotov
cocktails and recruiting young militants to their anti-Semitic
Police wiretaps during the investigation revealed group
readings of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf.

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