Lunedì, 24 Settembre 2018

PD leader takes jab saying 'bankers out of parties'


Rome, January 31 - Democratic Party (PD) leader
Pier Luigi Bersani said that he was in "absolute agreement" with
outgoing Premier Mario Monti's comment that political parties
should steer away from involvement with banks.
"Parties out of the banks? I agree tenfold. And I would
add that bankers should get out of the parties," Bersani said,
making a reference to Monti's connection to the world of banking
and finance.
Monti formerly consulted for Goldman Sachs global
investment bank.
Last Friday Bersani expressed irritation at Monti's latest
jab at the PD, which has a big presence in the foundation that
controls the troubled Monte dei Paschi di Siena (MPS) bank.
Monti said Friday that political involvement in banks had
to be "rooted out", calling it "an ugly beast".
"The PD is involved (in the MPS case), it has always had a
lot of influence on the bank and on Siena's political life,"
Monti said.

Monti, a top economist and free marketeer, is seen as
knowing what traders want better than most, often working as
advisor for Goldman Sachs and hewing so close to anti-trust
tenets as to take on the might of Germany's powerful regional
banks, force France to break up its energy monopolies and face
down corporate titans like Microsoft's Bill Gates and General
Electric's Jack Welch.

'I partiti fuori dalle banche? Sono d'accordo dieci volte. Io
aggiungo: via i banchieri dai partiti''. E' quanto ha detto il
segretario del Pd Pier Luigi Bersani a Palermo rispondendo ai
giornalisti prima della manifestazione con cui aprira' al
campagna elettorale del suo partito in Sicilia.

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