Martedì, 25 Settembre 2018

Child saved from stroke with laparoscopic surgery in Italy


Turin, February 1 - Doctors in Italy have saved a
three-year-old after a life-threatening stroke by removing a
cerebral blood clot using laparoscopic surgery, the first
operation of its kind, doctors said Friday.
According to the Regina Margherita hospital in Turin,
surgeons reached the brain of the girl by making a minimally
invasive 'keyhole' incision near the groin and inserting a stent
in the artery.
The patient had suffered an ischemic stroke, leaving her
paralyzed and in life-threatening condition.
The child, born in Turin to Bangladeshi parents, began
feeling ill Tuesday and was soon taken to the neurological
department of Regina Margherita hospital for a trombectomy.
She is now recovering in the pediatric ward of the
Doctors say she is awake, eating and regaining all of her
Her right side still has some problems, doctors said, but
it should be back to normal over time.

(photo: archive picture of endoscopic surgery)

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