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Calabrian ex-magistrate sentenced for 'Ndrangheta links


Milan, February 6 - A Milan court on Wednesday
sentenced ex-magistrate Vincenzo Giuseppe Giglio to four years
and seven months in jail for collusion with the Calabrian
'Ndrangheta mafia clan of Valle-Lampada.
An eight-year, four-month prison sentence was given to a
Calabrian politician accused of assisting the mafia, Franco
Morelli, a former regional councillor for Calabria.
Giglio, head of the crime prevention department of the
Reggio Calabria court, was arrested November 2011 on suspicion
of tipping off 'Ndrangheta members about police activity.
Councillor Morelli, a member of ex-premier Silvio
Berlusconi's People of Freedom (PdL) party, was arrested in the
Calabrian town of Palmi.
Police said Morelli, head of the regional budget
committee, was "the link between ('Ndrangheta) clans and
national political circles".
In July 2010 a massive police operation in Lombardy and
Calabria caught 'Ndrangheta's No.1, the equivalent of Cosa
Nostra's 'boss of bosses', Domenico Oppedisano, 80, as well as
its chief in Lombardy, Pino Neri.
A total of 304 'Ndrangheta operatives were arrested.
The operation, which involved 3,000 police officers,
revealed that the Calabrians, already known to be more closely
knit and impenetrable than Cosa Nostra, had a hierarchy similar
to that of the Sicilian Mafia.
Police said the Calabrian mafia had replicated their
operational units or 'drine' in northern Italy and abroad.
'Ndrangheta is now the most powerful mafia in Italy thanks
to its hold on the European cocaine trade.
'Ndrangheta, whose name means 'virtue' or 'heroism' in a
local form of ancient Greek, once dealt mainly in kidnappings
and extortion and fed off the pickings of public tenders, living
in the shadow of its Sicilian cousin.
But it has since expanded to northern Italy, northern
Europe and other countries, where it invests its huge drugs

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