Lunedì, 24 Settembre 2018

Charred corpse believed killer ex-policeman in USA

New York, February 13 - The charred remains of a
body were found in the burnt ruins of a southern California
cabin, where an ex-policeman on a fatal rampage entered his last
showdown with police, the Los Angeles Times reported on
Wednesday, citing a local sheriff.
Thirty-three-year-old Chris Dorner had a $1 million bounty
on his head for several murders, and has been the target of a
massive manhunt since he began taking revenge February 3 for
what he saw as an unjust dismissal from the Los Angeles police
force in 2009.
Dorner declared ''war'' against the police and launched a
series of attacks left four people dead, including two police
officers, and four wounded.
On Tuesday, Dorner was surrounded by hundreds of police
officers after barricading himself in a cabin in the mountain
community of Big Bear, near Los Angeles.
When Dorner began to fire shots from the cabin, police
fired back and lobbed teargas inside.
A single shot was heard in the cabin before it burst into
The San Bernadino sheriff told the L.A. Times that the
corpse would undergo scientific analysis to verify whether it is
indeed Dorner.

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