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Monti and Berlusconi disagree over 'new Bribesville' claim


Rome, February 15 - Mario Monti and Silvio
Berlusconi came to loggerheads on Friday after the outgoing
technocrat premier, leader of a reformist platform in upcoming
elections, claimed 'parallels' with the 'Bribesville' scandals
of the early 1990s.
His comments came after the ex-premier caused a political
stir by saying companies budgeted for bribes as a standard
practice to land international contracts following the arrest of
aerospace and defence giant Finmeccanica CEO Giuseppe Orsi on
suspicion of international corruption over the sale of
helicopters to India.
''Unfortunately (there are parallels), but with less
hope,'' Monti told public broadcaster Rai3.
''In 1993 the action of the judiciary was liberating, and
it was thought that this, combined with citizens' conscience,
would put an end to the phenomenon,'' he continued in reference
to the corruption scandals that took down the political
establishment that had ruled Italy since the Second World War.
''Judicial action has continued but the conscience of those
Italians who lead other Italians has grown complacent''.
Monti also recalled how his government had struggled to
pass adequate anti-corruption measures due to "resistance'' from
Berlusconi's People of Freedom (PdL) party.
Berlusconi categorically ruled out the claims of a new
'Bribesville', adding that Monti was ''desperate'' in view of a
possible poor performance by his centrist formation in elections
on February 24 and 25.
''This leads to desperation in their ranks and to senseless
and inelegant statements,'' he concluded.
Berlusconi is leading the centre-right election campaign
against the centre left led by Pier Luigi Bersani of the
Democratic Party (PD), the frontrunner before a pre-election
blackout of opinion surveys kicked in last week.
The two main coalitions are followed by the populist and
anti-establishment Five Star Movement of Genoa comedian Beppe
Grillo and then Monti's grouping.

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