Martedì, 25 Settembre 2018

Goldsmith appeals to save papal ring from destruction


Rome, February 18 - The goldsmith who made Pope
Benedict XVI's papal ring is protesting against plans to destroy
it once the pontiff steps down at the end of the month.
"It has a strong symbolic value," said Claudio Franchi,"
and for this reason I hope it does not get destroyed".
According to Vatican Spokesman Federico Lombardi, the
symbol of the papacy will likely be "terminated" after Benedict
formally abdicates February 28.
"Objects strictly tied to the ministry of St Peter must be
destroyed," said the spokesman last week, but he stressed that
experts were working to determine proper etiquette.
Known as the Fisherman's of Piscatory Ring, the golden
symbol of papal power shows St Peter fishing.
"I believe the College of Cardinals is figuring out how not
to destroy it," said the goldsmith, who is also an art
The ornament was a signet used to seal official documents
signed by the pope until 1842 when it was replaced by a stamp.
Upon becoming pope in 2005, Benedict chose to reintroduce
it as his daily-wear ring, a gesture that Franchi called an
example of the conservative pope's desire to "reintroduce
something of value from the past".
"That's why it should be saved in a museum, for its
symbolic value, not because I made it," he said.

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