Martedì, 23 Ottobre 2018

Beppe Grillo says an M5S government would review all pacts


Rome, February 20 - Every international treaty
signed by Italy will be under scrutiny if the anti-establishment
Five Star Movement (M5S) is elected in the upcoming national
vote, leader Beppe Grillo said Wednesday.
From treaties on fishing to Italy's role in the NATO-led
forces in Afghanistan to agriculture and trade pacts - all will
be up for debate if the M5S wins on Sunday and Monday, Grillo,
who founded the M5S but is not running for election himself,
said in an interview with Euronews.
"M5S will question every treaty and European decision,"
said Grillo, a comedian whose movement was third in the most
recent polls.
International financial institutions should also take note
- Grillo said his party would renegotiate Italy's debt.
On trade policy, Grillo suggested that Italy has given away
too much control over its food industry and allowed too many
foreign exporters to compete here.
"I want to take my sovereignty...too much distribution is
in the hands of the French," said Grillo.
"They come here to sell French milk, French cheeses; here,
in the land of cheese and milk".

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