Lunedì, 22 Ottobre 2018

Balduzzi promises public registry tracing equine health


Rome, February 21 - Health Minister Renato Balduzzi
said Thursday that he is going to soon sign an order
establishing a new registry of equine health.
The registry will require notification of all medical
examinations of horses, to ensure the traceability of animals
and to protect public health.
The announcement comes amid a European-wide scandal over
prepared food products labelled as containing beef but instead,
containing horse meat.
Government ministers across Europe have been careful to
say that the problem is not one of public health, but instead of
mislabeling and consumer deception.
The widening scandal - which has spread to Norway, Russia,
Italy and Spain - began earlier this month when British food
company Findus (no relation to Italy's Findus) began to recall
prepared products, including lasagna, after discovering it was
made with horse meat rather than beef as promised on the
That has led to a further recalls by various companies
across Europe and raised concerns about how carefully the
ingredients in prepared foods are actually tracked.
Swiss food giant Nestle' on Tuesday became the latest
company touched by a Europe-wide food scandal when it announced
it would withdraw Buitoni-branded beef ravioli from Spanish and
Italian supermarkets after it discovered small traces of horse
DNA in the products.

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