Sabato, 22 Settembre 2018

German minister says no interference with Italy's vote


Rome, February 21 - Germany will not try to
interfere with the Italian election campaign, Finance Minister
Wolfgang Schaeuble said in a speech Thursday in Berlin.
However, Schaeuble did point out that under outgoing
Premier Mario Monti, "Italy made progress," Bloomberg reported.
Speaking about the economic crisis plaguing Europe,
Schaeuble stressed that "we are not yet out of the woods" and
that countries must work collectively "to ensure the stability
of the euro".
That might be seen as a shot at the cooperative abilities
of ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi, who has gone on the offensive
against Germany in the days leading up to the national election
Sunday and Monday.
He has accused Germany of treading on other countries'
rights and interfering in the Italian vote.
Berlusconi said Monti had even sought and won the blessing
of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to form a post-election pact
with the centre left.
Earlier Thursday, European Parliament Speaker Martin
Schulz, who is German, warned the Italian people against voting
for Berlusconi.
In a newspaper interview with German tabloid Bild, Schulz
said that Berlusconi had "already sent Italy to the bottom of
the abyss once with the actions of an irresponsible government".

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