Sabato, 20 Ottobre 2018

Wall Street Journal warns of post-election 'chaos' in Italy


New York, February 22 - Upcoming general elections
in Italy risk producing potentially "chaotic results", the Wall
Street Journal said on Friday.
The return of ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi, the rise of
Genoa comedian Beppe Grillo and his anti-establishment Five Star
Movement, and the "disappointing showing" of outgoing technocrat
Premier Mario Monti's new centrist and reformist platform Civic
Choice "have muddied the waters in an election that two months
ago many had hoped would usher in a strong, stable government,"
the daily wrote.
"Two days before the polls open, that hope has withered".
The centre-left Democratic Party (PD) led by Pier Luigi
Bersani was still likely to poll most votes and lead a new
government, the WSJ said.
"But what kind of parliamentary majority the new government
can count on - and therefore how effective it will be in fixing
Italy's jammed economy and inspiring its dejected citizens - is
another matter," it added.
Much will depend on the undecided voters and those who will
abstain, which polls suggest could be as many as 20% of the

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