Martedì, 25 Settembre 2018

Beppe Grillo keeps up anti-establishment zingers as he votes


Genoa, February 25 - Genoa comedian Beppe Grillo
volleyed anti-establishment zingers at a throng of journalists
at a Genoa polling station, where he voted on Monday.
When asked whether a divided vote promises to deliver an
ungovernable country, Grillo responded, "The country is
ungovernable now."
"We will bring honest citizens to parliament," Grillo said
of his populist Five Star Movement (M5S), whose growing
popularity has worried observers that the outcome of Italy's
parliamentary elections could result in political chaos.
"Whoever will still vote for the old (political) parties is
colluding. There is a country (reduced to) rubble to rebuild
from the bottom. This is not a political movement. This is a
revolution of civility. This vote will change a bit of the
history of this country. We will see how," Grillo continued.
"We of the M5S will see each other online in the afternoon.
We will say a couple of things in streaming to celebrate. But
(for those) having anything to do with graveyard parties, what
can you celebrate? Victory over a dead person?" he quipped.

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